Monday, March 28, 2011

My Deal of the Week

Well every since I've been buying clothes for Siena, I've always been going to Consignment Sales & Mother's Marts & such around here. I had never even heard of those type of sales until we moved here but there are lots of them to choose from. I even sell Siena's grown out clothes & toys at them myself. So last week was one of the larger ones that I participate in. It's held at a Church & they sell it for you. You don't have to do anything but tag your items & drop them off. But being a seller, you have 1st dibs on all the consigned goods on the 1st night of the sale, called "sellers night". I was able to snag some pretty good deals. Two of them being these 2 sweet little dresses that were brand new with tags still on them. I can't remember exactly but I know they were each under 3.00. Also this particular Consignment sale gives you 70% & they only take 30%.

By the way, they both fit & she looked so cute in them!

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