Monday, April 04, 2011

Finally! A Nice Sunny Day!

It was finally sunny & warm enough to go to Lowes yesterday & buy some new flowers. Oh yeah...I did have a coupon to burn. ;) We actually had a few house things we needed to get so I got some herbs & flowers to make it to the 50.00 mark so we could use our 10.00 off 50.00 coupon. So once home, I got to planting some things in pots on the back deck. Siena wanted to go dig in the far backyard so I had to give her some of the old potting soil since that ground was too hard to even dig in. She loved every minute of it. It's amazing how she can go from, digging in the dirt, to playing Princess the next. But what's even more amazing, is how she is so much like me when I was a kid. Ahhh...those were the good old days.
Hard at work....filling a bucket!

There are actually some buds on those trees. Sadly, most trees around here are still without any leaves.

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