Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ni Hao!

That's Hello is Chinese, if you didn't already know.
Siena just finished up with Chinese language classes a few weeks ago. It was a small class that was given by a native Chinese lady that also is a mother that homeschools. As it turned out, all of the other students were homeschool kids & most of them were a little older too. The class was fun but nothing very formal & Siena enjoyed it. It was held on Fridays after Preschool so by that time of day she was a bit tired. We had just enought time to grab some lunch then head over to another church where it was given. The teacher made it fun by doing a few things like bringing in some Chinese foods for tasting & getting the kids up in front of the class to sing songs. I have to admit, that as I sat in on the classes, there were times I thought Siena wasn't paying much attention but now that classes are over I can tell that she did take in a good part of the words that were taught. We try to use the words at home that we learned.

On the last day of class, the teacher held, what she called a "Public Speaking". She had arranged for another native Chinese lady to come in, observe & grade the children on what & how well they could repeat what they had learned. I wasn't sure if Siena was going to do it or not but she ened up going up in front of everyone (accompanied by me, of course) & doing a great job. She even spoke up loud & clear. She wasn't the winner of the "Speaking" but certainly was a winner in my eye!

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