Monday, April 11, 2011

Daddy's Birthday & The Weekend

Friday was Daddy's Birthday so he took the day off work to join Siena & I for her school field trip to the Train Museum here in town. It wasn't too much to write home about but I guess the kids got a kick out of it & got to ride on the mini work train. After that we went for lunch at our favorite Asian restaurant. Mark had said that he wanted a Banana Cream Pie for his birthday instead of a cake. So I did my best at making my 1st cream pie. Oh boy...never again! Not sure what happened but it didn't turn out so great. The cream center didn't set & the pie was runny. I was okay with the meringue top at least but we ended up throwing most of it out. For the 1st day is tasted like Banana pudding so it was okay with me but after that it had to go. Better luck next year Baby!

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