Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation Day!!!

Today Preschool, tomorrow MIT......or Harvard or Yale!

It was Graduation day on Wednesday. Our little Princess is growing so fast. I definitely know what parents mean now, when they say that their children are growing up so fast. I can't believe Siena will be going to Kindergarten next year. Or as she says, "this year, Momma." Since technically she will be starting in this year of 2011, she says she will be starting "this year". She likes being technical about everything. She's so creative yet so good with Math it's hard to say what she will become at this point.
But the school put on a nice little graduation ceremony. The children walked down the isle to the tune of the graduation march from the back of the church. It was all too cute! We just wish Daddy had been there but work had to take him away this time. I was able to capture a little on video but it was hard to hold it steady since I was laughing so much. The whole time while they were singing, Siena was yawning. LOL! But at least I got some good still shots. There was a picnic afterwards on the church green which was a smorgasbord of foods from all the parents. Our class provided the sweets, so Siena & I made dirt cups complete with gummy worms. Of course she was too happy to help me make them the night before. After eating we ran around getting some shots of her with all her classmates. It is sad to be leaving such a great group of kids & parents. There won't be any of them attending the Elementary School that Siena will be going to.

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