Thursday, June 09, 2011

Springing Back to Spring!

I have to back up & fill in some Spring events that I've neglected to write about & that would be soccer to start with. Siena was on a county team of boys & girls playing for a few weeks. She missed a few games because of the weather & one because it was so muddy on the field that she just wasn't going to play........Well she is a Princess ya know.
At the end of the playing season it was Pizza & awards time at CiCi's. Siena couldn't wait to get her hands on her very own trophy!
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We can't forget the butterfly project.
I had bought a Butterfly growing kit months ago for a birthday gift for a friend of Siena's but it turned out to be a treat for her instead. It didn't come with the caterpillars so we had to send off for them & then put them in their home & watch them grow. Well if you can image a 4 year old waiting to see butterflies grow then you're in for a treat yourself. Every day we had to hear..."When will they be butterflies?" & "Can I look at them?" LOL! But it was cool to see her love them & not want to let them go. We just had to make sure that she could get one on her hand before it flew away.

It's going to be a long summer keeping her busy. She's only been out of school for a few weeks & already I'm exhausted. Mark being gone so much with work is really hard on both of us but Skype is helping along the way. The most recent thing for fun that we've done was go for an Art Day with some of her preschool friends & we've had a play date with another friend the other day. The art day was here in town at the local historic home & art studio of Gari Melchers. I arranged for her class friends & us to go to their program called Preschool Palettes which is an early childhood program for 3-5 yr. olds. It introduces art & art museums to young children. After the class which was a finger painting project we all had a picnic under the trees on the lawn of the estate. It had turned out to be a beautiful day with perfect weather.

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So now this all brings us to what's happening now & that is the Birthday plans & picking up Baba (Grandma) from the airport & Aunt Betty from the train station tomorrow. I've been planning this big birthday for months now. It going to have a special guest....Cinderella herself! Yes, she's the same Cinderella that we've seen at 2 other birthday parties. Siena knew I had asked her to come but then one day she had gotten into trouble & I acted as though I was on the phone with her canceling. So now she doesn't think she is coming. She'll get a big surprise when she opens the door for her at the party. To top it all off....I know I'm crazy...but I'm making a castle birthday cake. You may remember that I had found a complete brand new in the box, Wilton Castle birthday cake set, at a thrift shop months ago for only 3.00. Well...I'm going to try & do it. I know...I'm crazy. Maybe I should call Target to have a back up cake ready. LOL! Wish me luck!

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