Friday, July 15, 2011

Suddenly.....A Vacation Appears

Well we didn't know if we could fit in a summer vacation this year or not. I really wanted to get to the beach but Mark's not a big beach fan so we decided on Wisconsin Dells. I probably have never heard of it. Mark has been there on business a once or twice & has always thought that it would be a great place for us all to visit so we finally did just that.
It's just north of Madison on the Wisconsin Dells River. We managed to use Freq. Flyer Miles but had to pay for one ticket & of course we usually don't ever have to pay for a hotel either because of points so we got that free too. We left very early on July 4th & came back on Fri. July 8th.
It turned out to be a really great place. There was a lot of retro places. Which Mark & I like. Like a lot of old mom & pop drive up hotels that are still in business & are very well kept. It was a perfect area for families. The place is full of things to do & with a lot of it being water parks. Huge ones that are indoor & outdoor. And everything is pretty much in one small area. I'll just give the run down of what all we did-
Watched a free fireworks display in town.
Went shopping at the Outlet Mall.
Went to a Magic Show.
Went walking around the town & in gift shops.
Went on a Boat Tour of the Upper Wisc. Dells River.
Played Mini Golf.
Spent most of a Day at the Kalahari Water Park.
Spent an evening at the Kalahari Resort indoor Amusement Park.
On the way back to the Milwaukee Airport we stopped in to tour the Jelly Belly Candy Facility & Store which was having their 10th Anniversary.

We packed all that into 5 days. But it wasn't an exhausting vacation since there were no lines for anything like there would have been at most amusement parks. It was very pleasant. Nothing was that crowded for a holiday at all.

Now...I still just need to squeeze in a weekend at the beach!

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