Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to the Farm

Well this is one time I just didn't take a camera & wish I had. Siena & I picked Blackberries last week at Miller Farm. It was not too bad starting out but we finished up right when it was really heating up. I like that Farm. It's just the right size & they have a great little shop there. You just park your car & go across the road to pick. I didn't think we had that many berries until I was going to make cobbler. We had so many that I made 3 cobblers (1 large one & 2 smaller ones) & still had some berries to freeze. I actually made the cobblers up the next day after going downtown to the farmers market to get fresh peaches to mix with the berries. So they were true fresh fruit cobblers.

While picking Siena didn't get to pick too many since most of the nice big juicy ones were way inside the vines. She got scratched up as it was & we didn't put on the bug spray either. Here are the pictures that I did capture once home & cooking up the cobblers. We shared them with our friends Maribel, Elmo & Kevin.
The large one was cooking when I took this picture of the 2 smaller ones. Everyone loved them & they were gone in no time!

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