Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Talk

Well yesterday we had "The Talk" with Siena. We've always told her that she was from China. I've always told her bits & pieces about adoption because I felt that only explaining things slowly & not over loading her was best. Besides, she really hasn't asked too much about it anyway.We would always answer her questions with honesty & try to explain things in a manner that she could understand. She's heard the word "Adopted" but wasn't totally aware of what it meant other than being from China or parents go somewhere to get a child. With Kindergarten fast approaching I thought it was best to explain things a little more. So yesterday when she asked Mark & I how long our parents had to stay in the hotel when they came to get us, I knew it was time to go into detail a little more.

We all sat down & explained that she had a birth mother & that babies grew inside them. Not phased by it much, I think for the time being it's just not sinking in but of course that's ok. We explained that we loved her very much, wanted a baby & asked the Chinese people to please let us have a baby. She was very interested in knowing that the Chinese Government were the ones to match us up together. We were very honest in telling her that we didn't know who her birth mother was but that she must of loved her very much. We reinforced that we are her real parents & that if anyone ever said that we weren't, then they were wrong. I even explained more today what it meant to be a real parent.

But like I said, all in all she's taken it very well & I'm probably the one that's more relieved than anyone. ;)

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Debbie Sauer said...

I'm sure there will be many more questions, but you are doing a good job explaining it to her. Looking forward to following her journey. Blessings