Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Great Out Doors

On that last note of "Let's Start Fresh Again", Saturday we made such an attempt by getting outside & enjoying the weather. It was an unusually warm day for us in January. Around 70 degrees.
Before leaving the house I made a up a crock pot full of potato soup to have for dinner on our return home. Something that I've been wanting to try for a long time. I looked up a few recipes, but like most of my "this & that" cooking, I just checked to see what was necessary & then came up with my own version. No, I'll never remember it since I never write it down when I cook like that.

We headed out for lunch 1st. I didn't want anyone complaining of being hungry on our planned excursion. We like to try those Mom & Pop places sometimes to get something new, so we dropped in at a place called The Parthenon. I know it's been around as long as we've lived here at least & by the decor it appeared to look like a lot longer!
It was Greek & Italian cuisine. Our souvlaki wraps were pretty good so I think we'll have to go back next time to try their pizza.

Hiking....that's what we did. Nothing big time. Just a small park that's tucked away in town with a small hiking trail by a stream. The temp. was perfect for walking. It felt good with the fresh air. I've been indoors too long. Of course the day was complete when Siena got to play on the playground.

Back home we ate the soup I made. Yes...it turned out just fine. Everyone ate 2 bowl fulls. I think that says something. :)

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Debbie Sauer said...

So nice to have warm weather this time of year. Love your pictures. Glad the soup turned out so good. Blessings