Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I'm making myself sit here and post tonight. I have so much to catch up on after being gone for a whole week. Siena & I didn't get back until Sunday. We had a great time on our All-Girls Spring Break. Our 1st stop was at Aunt Betty's in South Carolina. She was, of course most gracious with her Southern hospitality. We had lots of fun. Siena enjoyed going out in her big ol' yard with her to get the newspaper, water plants & kill ant hills. We even managed to fit in some playtime at the Mall playground after some shopping. My best part was going junk hunting....ahhh excuse me, treasure hunting at all the Thrift shops in town. I'm so happy to have family that enjoys it too, but not as much as I do. Because no one stocks a garage full of treasures as much as I do.  Ha! Ha!

Next was on to Georgia. We went on into the little town where I grew up, just outside of Savannah. I rode through the old neighborhood. A bit sad to see my old house. The now-owners sure haven't taken care of it. After that we rode out to the country where we would be staying. My cousin's house. We met her at the library in town where she works. You might say that this is the point where Siena starts really getting spoiled. She just couldn't get enough of my cousins Belinda & Thomas & their son Cody. She took to them all right away. Belinda had brought home some books & kid's crafts from the library and that's all it took to hook Siena. We even went out to Ga. Southern one day to take Cody to school for a class & got to see a bit of the campus. How many Kindergartners are impressed with a College? Well, I have one here.

Again, I was happy to get to go treasure hunting with Belinda since we're both from the same mold when it comes to that. We scouted out several Thrift Shops around the area & lucked up on some more great finds for my Etsy shop. While out & about in the country I also scouted out some old houses & farms to get some neat photos. I hope to get them printed & maybe see how I fare at selling a few on Etsy.

On our last evening with them, we went fishing down the road to a pond in a cow field. It was Siena's 1st fishing experience. I'd say she enjoyed the idea & going out to the pond but not so much on waiting for the fish to bite. But after a little patience the fish started biting. She caught 2 baby brim & one good size catfish with a little help. She was proud of herself as you can see in the pictures. She wanted to eat the catfish that we kept but we didn't cook it up while there so I hope they enjoyed Siena's fish. Ha! Ha!

On our last morning in town there was a school yard sale & a wonderful Estate sale that Belinda, Siena & I went just before we headed out of town. I had to finally call it quits, only because the car was packed. I would have had to put Siena on the roof if I had bought any more. It was a wonderful time & I know Siena had a great time since she started bawling once we left Belinda. All the way home she told how much she wanted to go back.

After leaving the country we made our way back to Savannah to see my Aunt Marthann who was in the hospital. We had planned to see her on our way into Georgia but she had been admitted to the hospital. Only for a minor illness thank goodness. But I knew she still wanted to see Siena so we back tracked to make a short visit. We actually ended up going to the old hospital that was the 1st hospital that I ever worked at. It seemed a little strange since I hadn't been there in so many years.

Finally on the road north...guess we should had left sooner. It was bumper to bumper with traffic. Spring break was over for everyone it looked like. We didn't drive all the way back to Virginia that day but instead spent a night in North Carolina. Since it was my last day out, I found a Flea Market in the little town that we were in & picked up a few more treasures. was a close call but Siena got to ride inside the car after all instead of on the roof. :)

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