Friday, May 04, 2012

A Star is Born

 I've been so busy that I'll back up here so I don't forget to post about Siena's School Play. It was actually held before we went on our Spring Break trip.

She was a main character in it. A worm. The whole kindergarten class did the musical "Squirm". She wasn't even nervous or shy about doing it either. She practiced her lines everyday. The parents had to make their own kids costumes. That was the only bad part. I'm not a costume creator at all. But I didn't mind helping with the set. It was me & about 5 other Moms that cut out props, painted & decorated the stage. For her costume, I used a long green body pillow, pillow case that we just happened to have. I cut out a section for her feet & head but kept her arms & hands down inside. I stapled paper leaves along the back tail section and stuffed a little pillow inside that portion to make it rounded & that was about it. I just wish I had covered the area around her legs since the pillow was showing. I had the right idea but it didn't look as good as I would have liked.
 None the less, she did a great performance as well as the whole class.
 The actress in her, after the show party attire.
                            (aka out for ice-cream)

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