Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

It's a beautiful day today. Our weather has been great. Not too hot. So unlike it was in Florida. It's days like this that I sure don't miss Florida. I don't think I could take the heat anymore. Although our winters can really be cold.'s Father's Day & Mark just wants to go to his favorite restaurant, the Asian Diner, to eat lunch & come home for his nap. But it's his day so that's what he can do. Yesterday we went to Colonial Beach. About hr. & 1/2 away. It's only a beach on the Potomac River. The weather was perfect then too & no crowds like a real beach. Only thing was, the river was so polluted that I definitely didn't want to go in the water & didn't let Siena either. I saw about 3 dead fish that were either caught by people then throwing them back or just dead from pollution & lots of trash going down the river. The beach itself needed a lot of cleaning too. I just don't understand people not cleaning up around here. It seems to be worse here than anywhere else I've ever lived.
Along the way we stopped at several yard sales so I picked up a few things for my Etsy shop & my other vendor space that I rent. Although sales are a little slow this time of year I plan to keep it all going & fill up my shops so there is plenty to pick from.

Siena gave Mark all the cards & pictures that she made for him this morning. She's so proud of all her art. I managed to slip in a few bucks for him to spend as he wishes.

He had said that he wanted homemade Banana Pudding today too so we whipped that up this morning.

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