Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacations & Birthdays!

So much traveling  going on that we had to squeeze in Siena's Birthday party right in the middle of everything.
We did another mini vacation last week by going to NJ to Storybook Land. Since it sits so close to Atlantic City we also caught a day on the board walk. Storybook Land was such a cute place. All of the rides are geared just for the little kids so it was pleasant with no crazy big kids. In fact it wasn't crowded at all. No lines which made it nice so we took in the whole park in no time. And that was a really good thing too since we ended up there on the hottest day of the year so far.
                                                            Atlantic City Beach
Just off the Boardwalk.

Mother Goose at Storybook Land
                                                      Daddy takes a spin with Siena
                                               A beautiful Peacock proudly poses for me.

                                                  "You have to pull them Siena"

                                                         .......and Jill came tumbling down.
                                                                    Cooling off!
                                                     Happy Dragon=Happy Siena
 I told you so!

On our way back home we spent our last night in Philly & explored a few of our
nations historic venues.
                                       On our way into the Betsy Ross Museum & Home.
                                                                Independence Hall

Give me Liberty!
Found China Town in Philly for Dinner

Now onward for the party!
Siena had her Birthday party at Golden Skate World last Saturday. That's about all you heard from her for weeks. She was so excited to have her party there. Much smaller than last year & I was so glad to not have to do too much in preparation. All I really had to do was show up with the cake & ice cream. Siena had fun with her friends & did more running around in the gymnastics area than skating. I ordered a piano shapped cupcake cake from Target which turned out beautiful. I also used the same cookie lady as last year for cookie party favors which turned out beautiful as well.
 Siena's cookies are featured on Nanny's website but they are so much prettier in person.

She's a natural at Hula Hoop.

                                                             Our 6 year old going on 21!
                                                             Growing up too fast!    :(

Next stop? New York City in July!

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