Monday, September 24, 2012

Back To School

I know it's been awhile since my last post but with school starting back it's been one thing or another. I've offered my assistance at school again this year but it doesn't seem to be as much in demand this time around. far that is.  Siena has a teacher that's new to her school but not new to teaching at least. She is younger than her Kindergarten teacher but she seems to have them in control. Siena likes her & so do I.  Last year her teacher was out most of the 1st part of the year & now this one will be going on maternity leave right after Christmas. Not liking how this is all happening but what can you do?  Another sub....on the way.
A few of her fellow classmates are in her class again this year. She's happy about that. One of her best friends from down the street. I don't have any problems with the child but I just don't care for the parents. They let her play outside all alone so I don't allow Siena to play down there with her. She has to play here at the house so I can watch them. Siena seems to get the picture of the difference in parenting.

Our wonderful show of yellow flowers have been on display behind our house again this year. I took photos of Siena out in them last year & again this year.

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