Monday, September 24, 2012

Safety 1st

Yesterday, I was taking some pictures for my items for my Etsy Shop outside so Siena got to play a good while outside while I was doing that. Along came 2 little girls from down the street. One that I knew & the older one, I had not seen before. The older one was pulling the smaller one in a wagon. The youngest one asked if Siena could ride with her. I told her that it was fine as long as they stayed in front on the sidewalk where I could see her. I could over hear them talking for the most part & caught Siena telling them something to the affect of "Better safe than sorry" as she buckled up her seat belt in the wagon. As the big girl was pulling the wagon along fast they ran off the sidewalk toward the road & again I heard Siena yell, "I don't like going in the road, it's not safe".
So I guess it goes to show that we have instilled something of value into her that she remembers. It all made me feel really good. It's just amazing to see all the children around here that play in the street & no supervision on top of that.

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