Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inbetween Time

With lack of a better title today, I bring you some inbetween time photos & entries.
These photos are brought to you by the new Schaller Nikon. Yes, I broke our D80. I loved that camera. I used it religously. But the other day when I was taking some pictures for my Etsy shop, it slid off the washer in the laundry room aka photograhy studio. That's all it took & it was a goner.
Mark, being the Schaller family techie researcher & shopper, wasted no time in getting my new camera. The very next day. I know...that was fast. I think in reality it was because, now he didn't have to try to decide on what to get me for my birthday & Christmas. Task done.

So these shots were some test photos & I can't think of a better subject of course.
Making Christmas Ornaments for Gifts
School homework- Time Line Project

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