Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Santa Time

Well we got the tree & all the decorations up last weekend. So glad to have that done. If it wasn't for Siena now, I think we would be taking a far away trip every Christmas.

On Sunday we were trying to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop up the road from us but the wait was about 4 hours so we opted for the one at a nearby "not so busy" mall.  There, we were allowed to take our own photos as long as we bought one of their packages. We got the smallest one they had of course and I took all of these photos.  I know she told him that she wants a telescope. The one thing that she's always wanted.
Now if I can just get a photo done for our Christmas cards.
Baba (Siena's Grandma) is coming in from Florida on Dec. 17th & Siena can't wait. This year she'll be here for Siena's school play. Just hope we can get good seats.
This one was taken when we were in the Bass Pros Shop. Siena didn't even realize that Santa was there, just down from this display. We told her that he was at the mall so we left since the wait was too long.

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