Friday, February 08, 2013

They Scoped Her Out!!!

We just learned yesterday that Siena has been accepted into the Scope class at school which will start next month. Scope is Virginia's "Gifted" class program.
The school has been testing her for a while this year & has also taken into account some testing that was done last year in Kindergarten.
I was very excited when I had learned this year that she would be one of the few that was tested. We had to give permission for them do the testing, but I thought, why in the world would anyone not want their child tested & get the opportunity to be in such a class?  Well, turns out that one Mom told me that she didn't want the extra work for her child. I couldn't believe it, since the work that's given to them now just doesn't seem to be that rigorous anyway. Her homework is little to none & most of the work in class sounds so repetitive.
Siena's very bright, I could just see her getting bored with most of the work in class. But don't get me wrong, if she was ever really bored I don't think I would find out about it so easily because she loves school so much. She loves learning no matter what & she especially loves the social aspect of school.

We are so proud of her & can't wait for her to take on the challenges that we know she can accomplish in the Scope program.

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