Wednesday, March 13, 2013

6th Gotcha Day Anniversary

I can't believe it's been 6 years ago today that we were in China getting Siena. She has been the Greatest Gift we could ever image.
It was 6 years ago that Mark & I were in a cold sparsely furnished Government building in Nanchang, China awaiting the arrival of our little bundle, then named, Fengcheng Xiao Huai. She came to us scared, crying, sick & coughing with red rosy cheeks. All bundled in a huge black & yellow puffy tiger outfit, you could only see her little round head sticking up through it all.
Since then, we have all bonded well & love being a unique happy little family of 3. Mark says she's just like me. Stubborn, strong willed & sassy. Never thought those were bad traits until you're the mother of one like that. LOL!
But here's to many more years of motherhood, family life, tears, laughter, joy, school plays, piano recitals, play dates, birthday parties & the ups & downs of life in between. And we can't forget the boyfriends to come...oh my!

We Love You More Thank You'll Ever Know, My Sweet Siena!

March 13th Gotcha Day
March 13th- Gotcha Day
March 14th- Official Adoption Day
All happy now & ready to go home!
Today! Wow!
All too fast!

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