Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where Oh Where are You, Spring?

I sure hope this is the last of the white stuff.
This snow fall hit last Sunday & Monday closing school again. But here it is Tues. & they had a 2 hour delay for school opening. I suppose because the roads were icy. All the snow had melted but it had been raining so I guess the roads froze over.
None the less we made the best of it. Mark had to still fly out for work. Just had to reroute his flight though.
We didn't even venture out on this snow fall. I didn't want to take any chance of anyone getting sick. We leave on Sunday for Spring break to North Carolina for the week.
Fingers crossed we won't hit snow while on Vacation!

                                                              Not even going out there.
Bowls were set out for fresh snow.
Enjoying the freshest snow slush ever!
We feed the birds around here too.  

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