Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting Back to Normal??

I've been battling the worse flu I think I've ever had. It came on over a week ago on our last snow day. I should have taken it more seriously I suppose, but I got out & shoveled the driveway when I knew it was hitting. Needless to say I paid for it. So this week finds me still totally exhausted. Yes, I had a flu shot but there must be stronger strains of the flu out there.

Anyway, I was able to do the prior post but didn't post about our Wedding Anniversary. March 14th was 15 years ago that I married my best friend. We've been through it all like most people have with all the love & ups & downs of life, but best of all we got the greatest gift out of it, Siena.
Mark was out of town this week so I had to do a few things regardless of how I felt. I finally took myself to the Dr. on Thursday to see if there was some infection still lingering since I still had a very soar throat & was still very tired. Tested negative for the flu but I'm sure I had it the week before & tested negative for strep. The Dr. only thought it could be a viral infection if at all & still gave me an antibiotic. Now feeling a little stronger each day.

Today Mark has taken Siena to a high school production of The Wizard of Oz. I had bought tickets last week online in hopes of having this illness in the past but I'm still too tired so I had him take her. Hope they are having a good time. She was excited to go.

On another note, Siena is doing great in school. Her school work still seems too easy for her. I'll have to get her moved ahead here at home again when I can sit & teach for a longer period of time. Her class has had a substitute for a while now due to her original teacher being on maternity leave. She comes back on Monday, thank goodness. I think I like her a little better. She seemed to be in control more & didn't give candy as a reward in class. Yeah I know... and the sub even told them it was brain food. I never addressed the issue since Siena loved it & I knew it was only temporary.

I'm so ready for Spring this year. I may say that every year but it's always true anyway. Winter is really hard for me being from the Deep South. Today my original home town of Savannah, is in full blown St. Patrick's Day mode. The parade will be going on & lots of green beer will be flowing. I miss those days of green back home when all the azaleas were blooming too. But no, I didn't drink the green beer, since I don't like beer. :)

I have to really get better soon though. We have plans for a Spring Break vacation to North Carolina. We are going to the little town of Mt. Airy also known as Mayberry. That's right, it's supposed to have sites that look just like the old  "Andy Griffith Show". It's Actor Andy Griffith's hometown. But we will also be heading to the mountains & to The Biltmore Estate.  

Believe it or not Siena already knows a little about The Andy Griffith show since I got her hooked on it. And now she's even more hooked on The Brady Bunch show. I love it that she is. It just seems like good old fashion TV with honest values & good morals.

Well, I know my posts are far & few but it's hard to keep up. I'll post more when I get a chance. Hang in there with me.

Our last snow day (I hope).
 March 6th

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