Thursday, June 18, 2009

School's Out For the Summer!

Well it's that time again. The end of school for everyone. I know most kids love it but I think Siena may miss it. She had a great time this year. This program was so beneficial for her & us. She came a long way with her speech with the help of this program. And what great teachers she had too.

Her teacher, Ms. Pam came up with the idea to have an end of the year party that also included all of the Special Ed. classes from our counties' schools. Another one of the parents was gracious enough to host it at her home.

Siena had a special friend, Brettan, who is Ms. Donna's daughter, by her side most of the time. We hope to have her over this summer for Siena to play with. That will sure be a life saver for Momma.

We also took pictures of Siena with her teachers but I'll have to post those later once I get them from her teacher, Ms. Pam.

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