Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Show Time!

Show Day June '08 Show Day June '09
You've Come A Long Way Baby!

It's that time again. The Little Gym's Show Day was today. The theme this season was the Beach so everyone was supposed to wear their swim suits.
Siena showed off her favorite stunts & gymnastics in full form while I took tons of pictures of course.
Even though this meant that it was the end of the session at The Little Gym, it still doesn't mean that Siena's done with it yet. No, we've already signed up for Dance classes for the next session, which starts next week. She plans on being a very busy girl this summer with even a week in July & a week in Aug. for summer camp at the Little Gym too.
I've been holding out until this summer for Swim lessons so she'll be starting those this coming week. Momma's tired just thinking about it all. I hope we can fit in a little Summer vacation somewhere.

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Mom2KL said...

Love the pics of your little gymnast...very cute :) And she is awesome on the beam!