Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An All Girls Road Trip

Our all Girl's road trip was a big success! Siena & I had a ton of fun with our girl friends, Sarah & Ms. Ellen. We started out last Thursday by 1st stopping at the Mall on the way to Williamsburg. Ellen & I both had some Gymbucks to spend so we wanted to check out the new lines at Gymboree. Granted I like some of their clothes but I can't buy too much or we would be broke! It didn't take no time to spend my gymbucks either. Then we were off again. We arrived in Williamsburg, had lunch & then checked into our hotel. Ellen & I were a little pooped out but the nap that we dreamed of just didn't happen. The girls wanted to play & of course Siena had to do her routine of bed flip flops. So if you can't beat'em, join'em came to mind & we set out shopping again. Once in the car Siena said, "I'm gonna put on my noculators (binoculars)." And cupped her fingers around her eyes. Too funny!
As the evening closed in, the girls started becoming little Miss Cranky Pants. The "No nappers" had taken over. We pushed on to dinner at Carrabas & then crashed back at the hotel.
The next day had to have been the most humid day in Virginia yet & yes we picked that day for Busch Gardens. The girls didn't seem to mind it as much as Ellen & I did so we toughed it out. After all, that day was entirely meant for them. Once in the gate we saw a few of the Clydesdale horses. Then it was on to ride some. On a kiddie ride that is. I had never been to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg & it turned out to be a great park for little ones. Ellen had been several times & knew where everything was. She lead us over to a great section with little people rides that was perfect. All of the rides were practically lined up to go from one to the next. That's just what the girls did. As you can see from the pictures they got to ride almost every kiddie ride there. It wasn't that busy on those rides so on several they were able to stay on & ride 2 & 3 times again. There were a few rides that I had to ride with Siena on because she wasn't quiet tall enough.
For about an hour we had to wait out a rain storm but once that was over we set out for the new Sesame Street section. That's where the kiddie water park was that had a run around area full of water fountains. We changed the girls into their bathing suits & let them play there for awhile. Siena saw the little, but big enough for me, free fall ride, Prince Elmo's Spire. Now I'm not a fan of roller coasters & heavy duty thrill rides so this was NOT up Momma's alley but Siena wanted to ride it. Since it wasn't too high I thought I could handle it so I did. Little did I know....it was still TOO HIGH for me! So from the pictures, you judge for yourself to see if I'll ever ride it again. LOL! Siena, on the other hand, Loved It! Oh...the things we do for our kids!
After all that fun & excitement it was time to get on the road for some dinner & then back home. Siena didn't want to go & kept saying that she wanted to go back to the hotel. So I told her to just sit back & put on her "noculators" because we had to go.
Great Fun Ellen & Sarah! We'll have to do it again soon!

Not as nice a pictures as I had wanted but I only took my little Fuji camera which isn't as fast as our nicer camera.

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