Thursday, February 04, 2010

3 Years Ago......

Our 1st Sight of Our Bundle of Joy. *2007*

It was Feb. 2, 2007 that we got the call from our Agency that Our Daughter was waiting for us to come & get her in China. All I remember is that I was at work trying to find out if our Agency had gotten our Referral yet. I knew referrals where in by following support groups on the Web. Our time had come but our Agency was NEVER as informative as we had wanted. Anyway, Yes we Finally did get The Call! The only information we got that day over the phone was this: We have a Girl! Her birthday is June 23, 2006. (8 months old) Her name is Feng Xiao Huai & she is from the Jiangxi Province. I was a NERVOUS WRECK to say the least! Her Photo & more information arrived by FedEx the next day. And yes, like everyone else we took a picture of the FedEx man. We told him what was going on but I don't think he got the whole picture but at least we got his. We ripped open the envelope & went straight to the pictures. All I could say was, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL! I was so shakey! We tried to read the information but most of it was in Chinese. The complete translation came later. All I could think about from then on was..."I Have To Hold that Baby!" Mark & both looked at each other & said that our lives & this home will never be the same. Boy was that an understatement! We've never given or recieved so much Love!

This is the statement that I made on the Blog when I posted her picture on Feb. 3, 2007 & my sentiments are the same today.

Proud Parents Mark & Carol Schaller are Over Joyed to Share her Beautiful Face with you. We would like to Thank the Peoples Republic of China for allowing us to recieve such a wonderful child. A Very Special Thank You to the Birthparents of this Beautiful Child. We hope they know in their Hearts that she will be Forever Cherished & Loved. May they find Peace in their Hearts.

By Extra Special Delivery, our Stork, the FedEx Man! Feb. 3, 2008

Proud New Daddy! Feb. 3, 2007

This is one of the pictures (never published photo) of Siena with her Foster Mother in China. According to her information from the Orphanage she never lived in the Orphange but went straight to a Foster Family once she was found. I had sent a Care Package that included the teddy bear & camera once we got the Referral & before we went to China. So this picture was taken in Feb or March 2007. She was bundled up so much! Just like she was on Gotcha Day but in Yellow. Ummmm...I wonder if this is why "Blue" is Siena's favorite color?

Siena Today!
Stay tuned for the Gotcha Day Anniversary!

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Sean and Mic said...

Happy, Happy Referral Day Anniversary!!!
3 years- wow! It goes by too fast, huh?