Monday, February 22, 2010

More Valentine Fun!

Well the Preschool Belated Valentine Party went on as planned last Thursday finally. Everything went well. The kids loved all the food & had fun decorating their little wooden totes with stickers & jewels. I was in charge of the food & the other Mom host was in charge of the crafts. I made pigs in a blanket, strawberries, grapes, fruit punch & Valentine cupcakes which Siena helped with. Siena must have eaten at least 8 pigs in a blanket. I was surprised that she didn't even want to eat all the icing off her cupcake which is all she eats of them anymore. She came home with all the Valentines & candy that the kids had given out. We also sent home the treat bags that she & I had made for all the kids too.
With all the snow finally melting, I'm hoping things can get back to normal around here. All of the schools had been out for so long. This will be the 1st whole week of school for everyone.
The other day Siena got a late Valentine surprise from Baba (Grandma). She recieved a nice package in the mail full of fun treats. But don't worry Baba, she has already put the $5.00 away to save for her blue car.

Valentine Treats from Baba!

Mmmmm...M&M's My Favortie

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