Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who's Baba?

I just thought I'd clear it up on the name Baba today. In Chinese, Baba means Father. But here at our house we use the name Baba for Grandma. When Siena was younger and just starting to talk she couldn't say Grandma. Back then the name came out sounding more like Ala. As some of you may know, Siena has had a few minor speech issues so we worked with her to finally getting her to say Baba. The "B' sound is much easier for toddlers to say than the "Gr" sound.
The name Baba has stuck ever since. We Love You Baba!

Just to let you know, we have more Chinese New Year Events coming this week. I'll post about those with pictures soon so be sure to check back later.


Carrie said...

Baba is the name we use for daddy and Indian friends of ours do the same but our good friends who are Polish also call their grandmother this. Funny how one name can represent two totally different sets of people LOL!!

Mark and Carol said...

Yes, all endearing people Carrie.