Friday, July 22, 2011

Off To Camp

Well like I've said, we are keeping busy this summer. I got Siena signed up practically at the last minute, at a camp here in town with the Parks & Rec. Unfortunately it's been our hottest week of the year too. But luckily there was a creek that the kids got to cool off in so it wasn't too bad. Or I should say...I didn't hear any complaints when I would go each day to pick her up. Camp was held at a local park that has a cold spring creek that runs through it with some hiking trails. She wore her tennis shoes on the 1st day & I didn't realize that they couldn't take their shoes off in the water because of the rocks so she had to wear them in the water. So the next day we ran to Target to get some water shoes. After only 4 days, they look like they need to take a hike themselves.
They got to make several crafts with the things that they found in the park. Like the picture frame for the picture that the teachers took of them with their Camp Shirts on. They also made a birdnest & hobo stick. Apparently she made lots of new girlfriends with the young teens that helped out with the kids. They were all so in love with her & were eager to put their name & numbers down when I asked if any of them did any baby sitting.

Our Hobo Camper

Camp Hideaway- $90.00
Bug Spray- $ 5.89
Water Shoes from Target - $8.97
Happy Camper -Priceless!

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